The Baths of Caracalla


The bathhouse culture in the Roman empire  at its zenith remains unsurpassed even in our times.

Naturally you could take hot and cold baths, enjoy the swimmingpools, relax in the sauna, have massage and other treatments.

The bath was also a place where you went to meet your friends, gossip, make business deals, intrigue etc. It worked like a

club. - It was also a gym, where you could pursue sports and athletics. - There were also libraries, auditories and works of art as well

as shops and restaurants. The Baths of Caracalla which we are going to visit even lodged a temple for the god Mithras.

Many bathhouses were donated by emperors or other rich men and were very splendid indeed with magnificent marble and

mosaics. The entrance-fee was mostly symbolic.


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